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A Signakey Overview

SignaKey protects products and brand values from counterfeiting, diversion, and other market attacks through encrypted digital closed loop technology.

Unlike other barcodes and RFID symbology, the SignaKey mark is not in the public domain. SignaKey marks cannot be copied or cloned when using the unique substrate surface feature. And, while every SignaKey Mark is unique they can be produced in almost limitless (googolplex) quantities.

SignaKey marks can be overt or covert and attached to products by labels or laser etched into the product regardless of the surface.

Why Us

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Signakey encryption is based on 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption System). A Signakey encrypted Mark on a product at the beginning of supply can be decrypted at the end. This process guarantees a secure digital chain-of-custody.

Signakey has the highest error correction level of any 2D symbology currently available. A Signakey Mark can be decoded with up to 70% damaged or covered. Because of this feature, a SignaKey Mark can decode around highly curved surfaces where it around 100% of the circumference of the products.

Through various partner relationships, Signakey has been able to deploy a broad range of leading-edge technologies. This idea has most effectively allowed for multi-layered solutions assuring our customers the protection they need. The user can decode SignaKey Marks via the internet or IOS and Droid-based devices.


Our Services