Rolf Koepfli

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Rolf Koepfli

Obere Rainstrasse 26,
6345 Neuheim, Switzerland


Since 2012 Rolf has served a President and owner of Signakey Europe Gmbh. With more than 30 years of technical business experience Rolf travelled around Europe and Africa coordinating Signakey Technical Programs. His extensive knowledge of business practices, and executive contacts of largest European Companies, has been instrumental in some of Signakey biggest opportunities over the past 5-years. He focus has been on Cyber Security Strategy Planning, Remote-Access Gateway Planning for networked production and Control Systems.


Bs C Electrical – Electronic Engineering, Zurich University, Switzerland

M sc. Business Economics, Oekreal-Institute of Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Army – Major


English – Fluent

German – Fluent

French – Fluent

Italian – Fluent